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Lafuma Tisch Anytime 68 x 64cm Mineral / Titan LFM2714.9298
Prod. No.: 9069626
Immediately, from stock
CHF 249.00
Lafuma Schutzhülle für Futura / RClip / Rsx / Rsxa / Siesta L LFM2727.0006
Prod. No.: 9065657
Immediately, from stock
CHF 59.00
Lafuma Tisch Anytime 68 x 110cm Mineral / Schwarz LFM2716.9299
CHF 405.00
Lafuma Relaxsessel RSX Clip Air Comfort XL Acier LFM2041.6135
CHF 399.00
Lafuma Schutzhülle Relaxliegen XL & Siesta L LFM2672.0006
Prod. No.: 9067026
Immediately, from stock
CHF 65.00
Lafuma Campingstuhl Alu Cham Air Comfort Acier LFM2848.6589
Prod. No.: 9069683
Immediately, from stock
CHF 179.00
Lafuma Gummischnur Weiss für RSX und RSXA LFM2322.0020
Prod. No.: 9061888
Immediately, from stock
CHF 22.00

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Lafuma Batyline
Batyline is particularly suitable for furniture around swimming pool given its excellent UV resistance, antifungal treatment and open weave that does not retain water. Batyline canvas is very resistant to tearing, does not distort and is easy to maintain. It is also environmentally friendly - Oeko-Tex label (fabric confidence - control of non-toxic substances).

Lafuma Air Comfort
The Lafuma Air Comfort triple technical layer cushion is the result of lengthy research in our laboratories on seating comfort and the new indoor / outdoor furniture trends. Comination of breathable and permeable materials, does not retain water, promotes air crculation, quick drying, dood resistance to UV, very confortable seating material.

Lafuma Air Shell
Lafuma's latest innovation, the zero gravity Futura Airshell, has a mattress that is soft to the touch without the thickness of padding. An ultra-breathable 3D mesh combined with a single thread weave Batyline® material guarantees optimal comfort and ventilation no matter the weather!

Lafuma Polycotton
The high-density foam used as filling makes the seat very comfortable and ensures increased service life for the product. The support fabric is hard wearing under all circumstances. The single-colour or printed polycotton decor canvas is the result of a trend study to match market expectations.

Lafuma XL-Size
Same features as model XL but longer, wider and reinforced with cross brace. Suitable for people with a body size more than 1.80m.